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Eventi di Jesolo

Sat, 31/10/2015

From Monday, June 15, long avenue Belgium, the works of the 19th edition begin to take shape by the hands of four artists. Carlo Monopoli, Sergio Favotto, Enzo Barbon and Almo del Sarto interpret the theme Mary, Mother of Jesus and Queen of Heaven continuation of the process that began two years ago.Sunday, June 21 to 18 held the opening of the exhibition in the presence of the Mayor, with the presentation of works by the artists.

Thu, 31/12/2015

The man Pedro, forged and welded iron sculpture by Luciano Turchetto, it is on permanent display in the square Milano.Luciano Turchetto, who calls himself a craftsman who fashions iron with the use of simple tools such as the hammer and ingenuity.